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Reels: 6
Rows: 5
Scatter Payouts
Bonus feature: Free Spins, Multipliers, Risk Game, Bonus Pop feature
Reels: 5
Paylines: 15
Bonus features: Moving stacked respins, Calendar feature, Free spins feature
Reels: 6
Paylines: Up to 200,704
Bonus features: Multiplier, Free Spins, Tumble feature, Ante Bet
Reels: 5
Rows: 3
Paylines: 25
Bonus features: Wild, Scatter, Free spins, Respins, Fixed jackpots
Reels: 5
Rows: 3
Paylines: 10
Bonus features: Respin, Expanding Wild, Fixed Jackpot
Reels: 5
Rows: 4
Paylines: 20
Bonus features: Wild, Scatter, Free spins, Progressive jackpots
Reels: 5
Rows: 3
Paylines: 243
Bonus features: Wild, Scatter, Free Spins, Progressive jackpots
Reels: 5
Rows: 3
Paylines: 25
Bonus features: Wild, Re-spins, Free Spins, Jackpot
Reels: 5
Rows: 3
Paylines: 9
Bonus feature: Wild, Scatter, Bonus Game, Gamble feature

Slot games are without a doubt the main attraction offered by online casinos. Most online casinos offer a huge number of slots making sure to keep the players entertained for hours.

There are many reasons why online casino slot games are much better to play than slot games in actual casinos. Apart from the main thing being that you can do it from home, without the need to go out and look for a casino.

Probably each of you has played a slot game at least once in a land-based casino but the game was probably too demanding or the profit was low. Slot payouts in casinos are significantly lower than those found in online casinos. The slots in online casinos have a significantly higher RTP (return to player) which is certainly the most significant advantage of playing slots online.

Slot machines found in land-based casinos have RTP between 83% and 88%. The online casino slot games have a 96% -97%, which is a huge difference in favour of the online slots. In online casinos you will come across potential jackpot winnings for casino games, ranging from 100,000 euros to as much as 10,000,000 euros. In addition, when you play online slots, you have various bonuses and additional spins on offer, all of which you do not have with offline slots.

Another very important thing is that offline slots are not interconnected, so there is no possibility of winning a big jackpot. The maximum winnings will depend solely on how much money is paid on that one machine you are playing on. Due to this, the potential jackpot will always be exceptionally small compared to those offered by online slots.

Slot games

History of Slot Machines

The first machines that nowadays we know as slot machines were actually automatic vending machines. They were available in bars and had two horses racing. People would use them to bet against each other since the machines were not distributing any coins for the winner.

In the late 1880s, the first slot with automatic payouts was invented. The machine had three reels and the highest payout was for lining up three bell symbols. This is the reason why the machine was named the Liberty Bell. To start the game, you needed to pull down a lever, which would set the reels in motion. This lever was giving the players some sort of satisfaction, knowing they can control the outcome.

The next one was the Operator Bell, produced at the beginning of the 1900s and was a fruit machine and was based on the logo of the Bell-Fruit company. It is the first time that the BAR symbol we recognise nowadays was introduced. The fruit machines are still very popular to this day, and below you can read why.

The first fully electromechanical slot called Money Honey was released in the mid-1960s. The first true video slot was developed in the 1970s and became popular in Las Vegas Hotels. Soon after, the video slots became the most important part of a casino responsible for around 70% of a casino’s income.

As the internet became popular in the 1990s, video slots became available for a much greater audience. The slots now are far more advanced, and the slot machines in casinos don’t use the lever as a stopping device. Since the gaming industry became one of the most popular, many software providers appeared and they keep finding new ways to add excitement to their slot machines.

Fruit Machines

When we talk about casino games, the first thing that comes to mind is slots. And when we talk about slots, the first thing that comes to mind is the famous fruits. When the era of gambling had just begun, fruit slots with 3 so-called drums were the only option to play. At first, they were only available in bars and casinos, then they moved to the internet. Since then everything has changed. Now you don’t need to go to the nearest bar or casino to play fruit-themed slot games. The internet is literally full of them. Every casino game provider, starting with a small unknown startup and ending with one of the big betting corporations in its offer, has several different slot fruit games.

The main reason why they’re so popular is that fruit slots are easy to play. They do not have many advanced functions and are suitable primarily for beginners. This is a nice way to start playing slots when you don’t really know how it all works.

Second, they are perfect for nostalgic gamblers who started their gambling journey a long time ago.

And last but not least, the fruit slots are really cool. Bright and juicy fruits as symbols of the game make the game witty and fun and you can easily spend hours playing them.

You will find two types of fruit slots in the provider’s collections. The first type is the classic slots with 3 reels and several paylines. These games do not really differ from one provider to another. If you are not old-school and prefer something more modern, try another type of fruit slot – video fruit. These games usually have 5 reels, advanced HD graphics and animations, many special features and bonus spins. But they still have your favourite fruits as symbols of the game.

Whether you choose classic or video fruit slots, you will surely love them, especially if you are lucky enough to get some fruit wins at this casino game. If you want to try some good fruit slots, we recommend you to register with 22Bet casino, and play one of the many fruit slots they offer.

Fruit slots

How the Slot Machines Work

Getting to know how slot machines work before playing is actually a good idea. What you need to know is that the casino does not affect the outcome in any way, but there numerous algorithms backing the online slot machines.

Every online casino uses the Random Number Generator (RNG) and RNG has one important purpose. Every time the spin button is pressed, the RNG has to create completely random sequences of numbers. So, the outcome of your spin is determined by various mathematical equations. This means that the casino cannot control the odds of the slot machine and how often a winning combination is hit.

The online casinos we recommend, that are reviewed on our site are all licensed by the most trusted gaming authorities worldwide. Before getting the license the casinos go through numerous checks and tests. This includes testing the RNG to ensure that the casino provides outcomes that have not been manipulated and are fair to the players with each spin. 

So, check out our casino reviews section, choose the one online casino that best suits your needs and enjoy your play.

Types of Online Slot Games

With the technology advancing rapidly, instead of only classic fruit-themed slots, players can enjoy various types of online slot games. Slots with different numbers of reels, hundreds of paylines and bonus features, and most importantly, the jackpot slots with winnings that can change your life.

Classic Slot Games

At first, we will categorize the slots by type of slot machine. Most basic one, classic slots are the ones that have 3- reels that make you feel like you are in a real casino. These are great for beginners since there’s only one payline and are easy to understand. Plus, you can’t lose as much as you can when playing the other types.

Video slots are the ones that players choose most often since they can have more than 3 reels and of course more than one payline, sometimes reaching hundreds. The graphics and audio are also more advanced than the classic ones, and you get to enjoy a nice gameplay

3D slots are slots with a storyline. As you play you keep progressing through different levels or play side challenges. It is actually like a combination of a modern video game with the thrill of a slot machine. Check out the amazing 3D slots section that 1xBet online casino has to offer and much more.

Number of Reels

One of the ways that slots can be categorized is by the number of reels. Reels are the vertical sections set into motion when the player hits the spin button. 

The classic slot games that first appeared were with 3 reels and they’re still very popular. Partially because they seem to give the player feeling like is in an actual casino, and also because they’re simple and easy to enjoy.

Nowadays, the most common format used in the new online slots is five-reel slot games. The adding of the extra two reels means that there are more paylines, rather than just one payline, they may have up to 100 paylines. In addition, they have plenty of extra features and bonus rounds.

To provide an even wider range of possibilities, six reel slots and seven reel slots have been created. These slots offer more options and more complex gameplay. A combination of 6 or 7 in a row can be pretty hard to achieve, but that is why the winnings are totally worth playing them.

Number of Paylines

As the traditional 3- reel slots were offering only one payline, a combination of three in a row, the newer slot games all offer far more paylines. Slot machines can now have anything from 9 to 243 different paylines. When playing with more paylines, there’s a higher chance of winning, but they also cost more. Some of the standard paylines are 5, 9, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, and 100, and they can be horizontal, or vertical, or even zigzag.

As the newest addition to the types of online casino slot games available, many software providers are now offering slot games called MegaWays. As the name suggests, they have 243, 1024, and over 100,000 ways to win. Unlike the standard paylines that pay from right to left, these slots pay no matter where the symbols appear. They come in different forms and include many bonus features. If you want to play one of these types of slots, we recommend you to register at 1xBet casino, since they have a large selection of Megaways slots.

Narcos slot game

Bonus Features

One of the reasons why the classic slots have been replaced with modern video slots is the bonus features they offer. Unlocking these features makes the game even more exciting and interesting. Regardless of which bonus feature the game offers, it is for sure an additional winning opportunity. Unless is a progressive jackpot. Then it is not just an additional winning, it is a life-changing moment. That is why these are considered the best casino slot games.

Free Spins

One of the bonus features that a video slot can offer is the free spins feature. With this feature, the player gets a specific number of free spins credited. Usually, it is activated when a specific combination of symbols is hit. Once activated, you can play the spins for free and keep the winnings.

Bonus Round

The bonus round is another amazing feature for the slot-lovers. The bonus round can be activated in different ways, mainly by lining up special symbols. Once activated, the reel disappears and a second screen is displayed, a new game with rich audiovisual effects. This bonus game is completely different from your base slot game, for example, you may be asked to connect the same objects. It lasts a short period of time and can really boost your winnings.

Wild Symbol

The easiest way to explain what a Wild Symbol does when playing a slot game is to compare it to the Joker in a deck of cards. It replaces other symbols and completes winning paylines. So, if you are playing a 5-reel slot and you line up four symbols and a joker in one of the reels, you get a payout as if you had five identical symbols.

Scatter Symbol

On the other hand, scatter symbols are unique symbols that are useful just as they are, by themselves. They are one of the highest paying symbols in a slot game and these slots are referred to as scatter slot games. They can just appear on the reel and activate some bonus features. Usually, there is a specific number of scatter symbols required in order to unlock a bonus feature. However, some slot games payout even if one scatter symbol appears. Play the best scatter slot games for free HERE.

Tumbling Reels

Tumbling reels are a modern online slot game feature in which after a win, the symbols on a winning line are removed, allowing any symbols from above to fall into the space left behind, allowing you to make another winning line. So, once you’ve received your initial payout, all of your winning symbols will be removed from the reels, and the remaining symbols will slide as far down the screen as possible. At the top of the screen, some empty spaces will appear, and new symbols will appear. These slots are also called tumbling reels slot games. To play the best tumbling reel slot games click HERE.

Jackpot Slots

Last but not least, the most popular slots in the industry are the ones offering jackpots. There are two types of jackpot slots – progressive and non-progressive or fixed.

The progressive jackpot slots are jackpots that do not have a fixed amount. The jackpot pot increases with every bet made, so the more people playing that slot, the bigger the jackpot prize. These progressive jackpot pots consist only of bets made for that particular game, but also can be more games linked and they all contribute to that same jackpot pot. Once that jackpot is hit, the winner gets the current jackpot amount and the pot goes back to the starting amount.

The non-progressive jackpots have a fixed amount. The amount of the jackpot is not related to the number of players playing that slot. Nor the number of bets made. The fixed amount is built into the actual slot. No matter if a player hits the jackpot two times in a row, the amount will be the same.

Click HERE to play the best jackpot casino slot games!

Tips for Playing Online Slot Games

  • Find slot games that are right for you
  • Accept the bonus if offered
  • Check how big the jackpot is and when it was last won
  • If you think you can cheat the machine, forget about it
  • Try the free slot games first, so you dont lose money
Book of ra slot game

Best Casino Slot Games

Starburst – One of the most played slots with many fun and bonus features. This slot has an amazing 96.09% RTP which is why is highly recommended.

Book of Dead – Book of Dead is by far the best casino slot game we’ve tried. It has everything a player could want. From a brilliantly conceived idea to great graphics and sound and incredible bonuses. In addition, RTP is over 96%, which you don’t see every day.

Book of Ra – One of the oldest slots that still many players play and the slot won the award of the most played game. It is an Egypt themed slot, with 5 reels and 9 paylines. Many new versions of the game have been developed, but this one will always be the unique one.

Narcos – As you are already guessing, this slot is based on the tv show Narcos. As with the show, the slot became popular very quickly due to the 243 ways to win and the amazing bonus features.

Copy Cats – The combination of colourful cats over 25 lines can bring you a solid profit. It offers great excitement with its free spins, skaters and bonus symbols. As long as you are prepared to chase colourful cats, this slot is the right choice for you.

20 Super Hot – is a slot intended for players who love retro moments. This slot is a pure classic with fruits that offer a variety of winnings through its 20 lines. It can be said that it is the best slot among all slot games.

40 Super Hot – If you like retro slot games 40 Super Hot is definitely the right choice for you. This slot game offers you a wide range of opportunities to win and an exciting experience.

Burning Hot – Burning Hot is a great slot game that offers you a wide range of potential winnings. If you decide to try it you will regret it.

Flaming Hot – Is number 1 in the fruit slots. The reason for that is understandable, since there are 40 paylines, and honestly the profits are quite high.

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